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Sheona is an absolute pleasure to work with. She produces clear, concise content in an impressive time frame. I have been struck by her capacity to embed empathic care in her writing. She is able to take complex emotive topics and break them down in an accessible way. Always a team player, Sheona has supported the overall vision and progression of our goals, meeting deadlines and delivering beyond what was requested.

Lauren Redfern
CEO and Founder of Hormonally


“I first met Sheona when writing a menopause education programme. Her clarity of thinking, organisational skills and clear, calm communication style was so impressive that we have continued to work together since. Sheona is highly skilled at writing content appropriate for the reader. She is a delight to work with.”

Dr Alice Duffy
Founder and Medical Director of Health in Menopause


"Sheona is skilled at writing clearly for patients, and health professionals alike, in a variety of styles. Her contributions to the website, our patient information resources, online education programmes and the app are of a very high quality. As well as the obvious talent for writing, Sheona brings her wealth of clinical and project management experience to the table - combined with her enthusiasm and great ideas."

Dr Louise Newson
Founder of Newson Health Menopause clinic and Balance menopause support app


"It has been fabulous to work with Sheona on the Midlands Perinatal Mental Health Education project. She is committed, thorough and approachable and her attention to detail is impressive. She has helped us to create some engaging and informative educational material all within a timely manner. Cannot recommend highly enough."

Dr Lucy Blunt
GP Champion for Perinatal Mental Health
Coventry and Warwickshire Training Hub

Lucy Chatwin.jpg

"Having worked with Sheona for a number of years, I can testify that she is committed, flexible and adaptable to be able to deliver against a wide scope of work.  She is able to adapt her style of writing and shows true empathy and compassion for the reader.  Whilst Sheona writes on her own, she is very much part of the team and we welcome her creative input into other parts of the business."

Lucy Chatwin
Fearless Optimist

Jane Wallett.jpg

"We have used Sheona as a freelance technical writer for B2B marketing as we know she produces quality work that meets our own high standards, well within the timescales we give."

Jane Wallett

Head of Copywriting

kdm communications


"I led multi-disciplinary teams with Sheona for over 10 years in rehabilitation hospitals, her leadership and communication skills are second to none. She has a talent for communicating to patients and experts alike, as well as educating others in a thoughtful and engaging way."

Dr Elie Okirie
Clinical Director of Central England Rehabilitation Unit

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